Why romance novels keep me sane

I love Romance novels.

And I don’t think I am crazy for saying so.

I felt more crazy when all I read was a steady diet of books

about great tragedies, and how easily the most seemingly perfect

life can unravel with the fall of the smallest domino.

Honestly, they gave me nightmares after a while.

I needed something positive to feed my psyche, something

refreshing rather than draining.

I found Romance.

And I love it because it gathers up all the most important things

we care about in life-  faith in a better future, faith in our

ability to change, hope of redemption for our mistakes, the power

of love to heal what is broken in our lives and relationships- and wraps

them all up in the beautiful package that is a romance novel.

I am swept up into stories peopled with characters who are

human and imperfect, yet admirable for their determination to

succeed against the odds. Characters who make mistakes and struggle and

overcome their fears. Characters who earn the happy ending

that will always come- because these are romance novels, and happy

endings are in the contract.

And along the way, I learn that everyone struggles,  that fears can

be overcome, and that love can make it worthwhile if I am willing to

work for it. I learn that happy endings aren’t just for novels.

And so I aspire to write and publish in this wonderful genre.

If I can encourage, comfort, and maybe even inspire  just one other

person with my books the way so many other wonderful romance authors

encouraged, comforted and inspired me, I will count myself a success.



  1. Jann Audiss

    I totally agree. Love your site.

  2. I so agree with you, Jaimee! I always can count on the happy ending in romance novels. That’s one of the reasons I love them!

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